The 38th Distinguished Citizens Banquet Honoring Jerry Evans and Glenner Anderson was held on December 8th at the Westmark Gold Room.

The Fundraiser was a great success benefiting the community’s Scouting youth and the Midnight Sun Councils mission.

We would like to thank Craig Compeau, Mike Tinker, Johnny Hajdukovich, Karen Gordon, Cathie Harms Tordoff and Stacy Brandon for all their hard work putting on the event and making it successful.

We'd like to thank all the donors who sponsored and/or attended the dinner, those that helped behind the scenes, and those who gifted auction items.  All of you made a great impact on our Council.

We would also like to take the time to Thank our Honorees Glenner Anderson & Jerry Evans not just for their contributions to our community but also to Scouting in Interior Alaska!


Pictures of the banquet coming soon!




FYI, the RV went for $10,000 to a gentleman from Salcha. 

Distinguished Citizens Banquet invitation 

Distinguished Citizens Banquet Response card - RSVP 




A big Thank you to our Sponsors!! 

 Linda Anderson & Steve Frank

Bell Development,Inc.

Alaska Airlines

 Bennett Engineering

Mount McKinley Bank

Catholic Schools of Fairbanks

CSG Inc., Attorneys at Law

Foundation Health Partners

Tote Maritime

DOYON Utilities LLC

Everts Air Cargo

Westmark Fairbanks


 Sponsorship Letter



 Past Recipients:

Earl A. Cook, 1983 Harry "Red" Porter, 2000 Bert & Becky Bell, 2015
V. Paul Gavora, 1984 William G. Stroecker, 2001 C.B. Bettisworth, 2016
Leo Schlotfedlt, 1985 Betty L. Everts, 2002 Karen Perdue, 2016
Grace Berg Schaible, 1986 Skip Cook, 2003 Mike & Peggy Ferguson, 2017
Earl Hoover Beistline, 1987 Mary E. Binkley, 2004 Jo and Steve Heckman, 2018
Joseph Emil Usibelli, 1988 Glen Hackney, 2005 Bernie Karl & Connie Parks-Karl, 2019
Jeffrey J. Cook, 1989 Richard & Anna Frank, 2006  
Jo Ryman Scott, 1990 Dennis & Mary Wise, 2007  
Arthur Stephen Buswell, 1991 Chuck & Carolyne Wallace, 2008  
William Ransom Wood, 1992  Jim Lund, 2009  
Richard A. Wien, 1993  Michael K. Powers, 2010  
Frank X. Chapados, 1994  Dermot Cole, 2011  
Francis W. McGuigan, S.J., 1995  Terrance Cole, 2011  
 Mary Jane Fate, 1996  Nancy Hanson, 2012  
V. Paul Gavora, 1997  Robert B. Groseclose, 2013  
Michael T. Cook, 1998  Barbara L. Schuhmann, 2013  
Paul & Jane Massey, 1999  Mike & Peggy Pollen, 2014  




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