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Be Sure to Update BeAScout Pins to Reflect Status
Updating unit pins with early-adopter status on BeAScout is an important step in helping prospective Scouts and their families get in touch with units in your council.
Early-adopter councils: BeAScout is open for units to indicate boy-only (default), family pack, or girl-only (no date; open for business now) status.
Non early-adopter councils: BeAScout is open for units to indicate boy-only (default), family pack, or girl-only AND the date that they will begin accepting female applications.
                       1. Log in to your My.Scouting account select Menu at the top left
                       2. From the drop-down menu, select your unit
                       3. Select Organization Manager
                       4. Select the Settings tab
                       5. Scroll to Family Scouting
                       6. If remaining boy-only, do nothing (this is the default setting); otherwise, select girls only or boys and girls
                       7.  For early adopter councils, this pin will update within 24-hours. For non-early adopters, enter the date that the unit will be welcoming girls. The earliest that girls' applications will be processed for non-EA councils will be June 11 (but units need to check with their councils, as the actual start date is a council business decision). The date for the Midnight Sun Council is August 1, 2018.
                       8. Click Commit
Please note: Online registration is now open for EA councils to accommodate spring recruiting. 
PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS on how to update unit pins for the full FAMILY PROGRAM
Units will need to manage their own account by determining if their unit contact information is correct. Units can find information on how to manage their account by clicking here or contacting the BSA office at 907-452-1976

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