District Programs and Operations

What is a District?

“A Scouting District is a geographical area of the local BSA council, determined by the council executive board. District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of units within the district’s territory. All districts are responsible for carrying out four standard functions: membership, finance, program, and unit service.” -From "A Handbood for District Operations"

Tanana Valley District

The Tanana Valley District operates in the area of the North Star Borough and works to implement School Nights and new unit growth, the Friends of Scouting Family Campaign, and a Commissioner Core. Furthermore the District is responsible for many of programs throughout the year such as Camporees and training.
For information on the District Committee, Click Here.
For information on the Commissioner Core, Click Here.

Bush District

The Bush District, while not a new district, is for the first time in recent history being “staffed” with a District Committee and Commissioner Core. The Midnight Sun Council is made up of everything north of Cantwell and Tok all the way to the Arctic Ocean and starting at the Canadian Border and running west stopping at the Bering Sea, not including Nome and the surrounding area. The Bush District includes all this area with the exception of the North Star Borough. There are units in Delta, Healy, Anderson, Nenana, Barrow, and Tok. The Bush District shows the greatest potential for growth in Scouting for Alaska as more and more units are started and grow throughout the district.


Roundtable is an opportunity for Scouting Leaders to come together and get information about upcoming programs and learn fun program ideas. Training for Den Leaders is held at the Cub Scout Roundtable and Scoutmasters at the Boy Scout Roundtable. The Tanana Valley District Roundtable is held on the first Thursday of the month starting at 7PM in the basement of the Earl and Pat Cook Council Service Center. The Delta Roundtable is held on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:45pm in the Releif Society Room of the LDS Church in Delta. We are currently working to set up a Roundtable for units on the Denali Highway.
It is important for each unit to attend roundtable if only to get information and see what is new in Scouting!

Roundtable Themes by Month:


Cub Scout Theme

Webelos Badge

Boy Scout Theme


Positive Attitude

Fitness & Readyman




Scholar & Engineer

Public Service



Athlete & Engineer

Cultural Diversity



Sportsman & Family Member

Wildlife Management


Health & Fitness (Backyard Fun)

Outdoorsman & Handyman



No Roundtable

No Roundtable

No Roundtable


No Roundtable

No Roundtable

No Roundtable



Naturalist & Forester

Boating & Canoeing



Communicator & Citizen




Showman & Citizen




Craftsman & Scientist




Craftsman & Scientist

1st Aid


The Tanana Valley District is dedicated to the idea that every boy deserves a trained leader. With nearly 100 years of history in Scouting, the program has been pretty well figured out. Training is our way to help you, THE UNIT, keep yourself from reinventing the wheel with every new leader, or even old leader, that you might have join your pack, troop, team or crew. Because the Midnight Sun Council is dedicated to the quality of program in our units for a unit to recharter for 2010 ALL Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, and Venturing Crew Advisors must be trained as well at their assistants. In addition, 75% of packs Den Leaders must also be trained. These direct contact leaders are the backbone of our program and with training they make for a stronger and better Scouting experience for their scouts and for themselves. For a definition of a “Trained” direct contact leader, and to find out when training is offered, click here.

District Camping Events

There are many different opportunities for District organized camping. For Boy Scouts, we host three Camporees every year; one in the Spring, one in the Fall, and one in the Winter.

We also offer many camping oportunities for Cub Scouts, including Council Rock and Day Camp.

If families want to go camping, we offer that as well with our Family Camp.

District Activities

Every year our District puts on fun activities such as a District Picnic.

For Council Activities, such as Clean-Up Day and Youth Safety Day, see Council Programs.

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